No Guns Allowed Map

Check to see if there are any locations near you where there are no guns allowed. By default a maximum of the closest 25 locations will show up in the results. Keep in mind that there may be more locations nearby that don’t show up. Modify your search criteria to view additional locations.

Please click here to report any changes to listings on this map. Changes can include any locations that should be added, or if there are any locations listed that no longer belong on the list (business closed, or otherwise is no longer a no gun zone).

Before using this map, please see the important notes below.

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Locations where there are no guns allowed that you will NOT find on this map include:

  • Locations that prohibit employees only from carrying firearms (this is a matter of employment that is assumed to be already communicated to the employee).
  • Government buildings or other locations that are no gun zones as a matter of law (post offices, courthouses, etc.).
  • Stores that simply stop selling firearms or ammunition.

This map and listing is not comprehensive, as it does not contain every location where there are no guns allowed.

It is believed to be accurate, but may be inaccurate in certain events such as (but not limited to) a business closes, transfers ownership, incorrect information provided to the database, or the business owner(s) simply changes their mind about the no guns allowed policy. Use the list as a general reference guide the way you might use an online review site to find a recommendation for a good restaurant, with the understanding that your experience may differ from the person before you.

Additionally, this list is not intended to be used for legal advice. Consult an attorney who is knowledgeable in firearms laws in your area for any legal advice. A quick search on Google will help find firearms attorneys.

If your business is listed here incorrectly, please use the contact link above to report it. It will be immediately modified or removed as necessary. Should a listing provide false information about a company (i.e. the company really does allow guns on their premises) a correction, as previously mentioned, will be made and a public statement regarding the correction will be made.

This listing in no way intends to defame, cast false light, or be libelous towards any person, company, or other entity. It is not intended to be used as a “black-list”. It’s intention is simply to provide gun owners with a list of businesses they cannot visit while armed. It is up to the gun owner whether or not they will do business with the companies listed here.